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Ship's Log

May 5, 2006:  Launching of Dalliance at Stanley's Boatyard, Barrington, RI.

May 28, 2006:  Well..., we are finally off to start our adventure.  We're leaving today for Block Island to take our first, small, step around the North Atlantic Ocean.  The next stop will be the Azores, and then to Falmouth England.  A quick note of deep appreciation for all the help we received from our dear friends John and Judy, The Quigleys, and Todd Wise for his late night assistance in clearing out the house. 

May 29, 2006:  Departed Block Island for the Azores 14:30 hrs Eastern Time.  23:30 hrs N40-43.691 W071-02.289 approx dozen dolphins swimming around the boat and riding the bow wave.

May 30, 2006:  1800 ET N39-51.89  W069-25.11  Pilot whales spotted along the continental shelf.

June 2, 2006:  1300 GMT  N39-32  W063-26 Spotted M/V Olympian Highway on the horizon 8 nm south from us.  The AIS is working well in picking up all commercial shipping  traffic at approximately 30 miles off.  This is well before the radar picks them up at around 20-24 nm.  1700  GMT good reception of the BBC world news on the short wave radio.  Flying fish are spotted for the first time of this trip.

June 3, 2006:  14:10 GMT  N39-18  W060-35 We are just north of San Pablo Seamount, and the water color has changed from a translucent "Club Med" blue to a slightly more opaque greenish hue.  There appears to be a great upwelling of nutrients here, and we would be fishing if it wasn't for the dolphins.  It is too soon in our trip, anyway, as our fridge and freezer are still well-stocked.

June 4, 2006:  N38-53  W057-50 1445 GMT  1.5-2.0 knots of foul current noted in the gulf stream, as compared to the usual 2-3 knots of fair current zipping us along to the Azores.  According to our weather routers at Commander's there is a cold core eddy in the gulf stream to our SE causing this.  A new waypoint of N39-30  W057 should get us into better current.  We have also been able to get good weather information from the Furuno weather fax, as well as from Herb Hilgenberg on the shortwave radio 12359 kHZ 2000hrs GMT.

June 6, 2006:  N39-25  W053-03 0300 GMT  4 knots of fair current!  204 nm over the past 24 hours.  1600 GMT:  N39-26.6  W051-33.6  Spoke with S/V Sucre on the VHF after he hailed any sailing vessel.  A 28 foot Pearson Triton from 1961 sailed by a Belgian guy named David from New York via Bermuda en route to the Azores single handedly.  Friends made at the high seas!

June 8, 2006:  1600 GMT  N38-54  W045-50  Exuberant jumping dolphins entertain us for the afternoon.  23:30 GMT cold front passing through our area with winds increasing to 20-25 knots Reaching under furled yankee with monitor windvane keeping a steady course.

June 9, 2006:  N38-17.5  W043-57.7 Alerted to more foul current south of 38 degrees lat. by our friend John Saunders via SMS on the Satellite phone.

June 10, 2006:  0900 GMT  N38-58  W042-46.  Accompanied by dolphins through most of the day.  Distant whale spouts are sighted.

June 15, 2006:  1400 GMT  Arrived in Porto Das Lajes, Flores Island of the Azores in fog and light rain conditions.  We anchor in the outer part of the harbor with our 65 lb Bruce anchor and 240 feet of 3/8 inch chain in about 45 feet of water.

June 18, 2006:  20:30 GMT  The anchorage is exposed to the NE, and the NE wind is kicking up an uncomfortable swell.  We decide to leave for Horta, Faial that evening instead of the planned next day.

June 20, 2006:  0100 GMT  Arrival in Horta, Faial after approximately 29 hour sail closed hauled in NE winds 15-20 knots.  0900 GMT cleared customs in Horta and switched the yellow "Q" quarantine flag for the Portuguese and Azores courtesy flags on the starboard spreader.  We moor the boat along the richly painted seawall with views of neighboring Pico island, with its tallest peak of Portugal.

June 27, 2006:  1415 GMT  Depart Horta after fuel and water tanks have been topped off and fuel filter has been changed.

June 29, 2006:  0400 Dolphins illuminated by bioluminescence.

June 30, 2006:  0900  Radio contact with S/V Sepia N41-03 W023-27.5

July 1, 2006:  1505  Radio contact with S/V Sandettie N42-01 W020-54

July 2, 2006:  0900  SSB radio contact with several Dutch boats heading for the UK on 8101 KHz.

July 5, 2006:  0942  Oil Tanker Oliver Jacob N46-24 W 15-42 heading for Corpus Christi Texas, arranged for port-to-port pass with helpfull captain.

        1815:  Sperm Whale surfaced inches from the starboard side of the boat, then 2 spy hops to get a better look. N 46-43.6 W015-10

July 6, 2006:  2200  No wind.  Sails down and motoring..

July 8, 2006:  1600 Wind building from 15-20 kts to 25-30 kts with max apparent gust measured to 35 kts apparent (40+ true).  Stable waves measure to approx half the mast height (25 -30 ft).  Sailing with deep reef in Main Sail and small storm jib on inner forestay.  The monitor is steering well with some hand assist during gusts to keep the boat from rounding up.  The winds peak around midnight and taper to 20 kts at day break.

July 9, 2006:  1600 Landfall in Falmouth, UK a few hours behind our new Dutch friends in the flotilla.

July 13, 2006:  0900 Depart Falmouth for Plymouth.

            1730  Arrival in  Plymouth Yacht Haven

July 14, 2006:  0900  Depart Plymouth for Dartmouth  15 kts NE/E winds

            2030 hrs Arrival in Dartmouth

July 16, 2006:  Head up river Dart for Dittisham with Mark, Wendy Ethan and Innogen as guests aboard Dalliance.

July 18, 2006:  Depart Dartmouth for Brighton for overnight passage.  Light head winds require mostly motoring.  Queen Mary II sighted exiting the Solent heading west to sea.

July 19, 2006:  Arrival in Brighton Marina at 1400 hrs local time.  Off to Ardingly for family visit with Holly's sister's family.

July 22, 2006:  Boat prep day for planned passage to Dover and Calais.

July 24, 2006:  Went to sea but returned back to Dover due to heavy fog in the English Channel despite clearing on shore.

July 25, 2006:  0800 GMT Depart Dover for Calais and points North.  Excellent visibility to cross the busiest channel in the world.

            1815 GMT Arrival in Nieuwpoort, Belgium.

July 26, 2006:  1130 GMT Depart Nieupoort, arrive in Breskens, Holland

July 29, 2006:  Depart Breskens for Vlissingen with our friends Andre and Esther.  Our first lock crossing.

July 30, 2006:  Vlissingen to Middelburg with guests Oom Jos, Tante Liesbeth, Irene, and Agatha.      

August 6, 2006:  Depart Middelburg (1015 LT)  Arrive in Nieuwpoort, Belgium 1915 LT.

August 7, 2006:  Depart Nieuwpoort (0620 LT) and arrive in Dunkerque 0930 LT.

August 9, 2006:  0615 hrs LT Depart Dunkerque, arrive in Boulogne 1515 hrs LT.

August 11, 2006:  0900 hrs LT Depart Boulogne, arrive in Dieppe 1830 hrs LT.       

August 14, 2006:  0830 hrs LT Depart Dieppe, arrive in Fecamp 1600 hrs LT.

August 16, 2006:  0645 hrs LT Depart Fecamp, arrive in Cherbourg 2100 hrs LT.

August 22, 2006:  1000 hrs LT Depart Cherbourg, arrive in Guernsey 1715 hrs LT

August 27, 2006:  1000 hrs LT Depart Guernsey.  0100 UTC The dolphins return amidst spectacular bioluminescence.

August 28, 2006:  1100 UTC arrive in L'Aber Wrac'h

August 30, 2006:  0815 LT Depart L'Aber Wrac'h and head south via Passe du Four.  Arrive in Camaret Sur Mer 1515 LT.

August 31, 2006:  Awaiting a good weather window to cross the Bay of Biscaye to La Coruna, Spain.

September 5, 2006:  0815 LT Depart Camaret with calm seas, patchy fog, no wind, Barometric pressure 1024 mb.  We are once again entertained underway by a pod of exuberant dolphins frolicking along the bow wave.  Although the fog lifts during the day, it returns in the evening, with less than 5 knots wind.  Our Swedish friends aboard "Shangri La" accompanying us in the Biscaye crossing discover that their radar does not work beyond 1 mile.  We have decided to sail closer together, and have Dalliance play traffic control for both our vessels.  Thanks Eva and Bruno, for some great pictures.

September 6, 2006:  1400 LT The wind returns10 knots NE, we can finally turn the trusty diesel off.  The barometer drops to 1015 mb as we get closer to the low pressure to our west.

2225 hrs LT (2025 UTC)  1014 mb, wind 15 knots gusting to 18 knots out of the NE.  Great sailing under clear moon-lit skies.  Calculations underway reveal that we need to either sail at 4 or 8 knots to arrive in daylight in La Coruna.

September 7, 2006:  The wind continues to hold out of the NE at approximately 15 knots.  We have tried to slow the boat down with a reef in the mainsail, but it appears that Dalliance smells the stable, and gallops at a steady 6-7 knots to La Coruna.

September 8, 2006:  As the skies remain clear, with a near full moon bathing the seas in a silvery light, we decide to make a landfall at night time in La Coruna, instead of heaving to amidst traffic along the coast of Spain.  0330 hrs LT (0130 UTC) Arrival in La Coruna was made easy by the excellent navigational lighting, including the Torre de Hercules,  (The oldest functioning lighthouse started by the Romans.)  as well, of course, by GPS chart plotter and radar.

September 18, 2006:  With a good weather forecast for next few days, and a welded exhaust elbow in La Coruna, we depart for Lage at 0945 LT and arrive 1715 LT, anchoring between the fishing harbor and the town beach.

September 19, 2006:  0945 LT departure and arrive in Camarina marina 1415 LT.

September 20, 2006:  We prepare the boat for hurricane Gordon in Camarina's snug harbor with excellent protection from the south and west which is the forecasted wind direction.  We have removed the main, staysail and yankee sail and stowed them below deck, and have taken down the dodger to minimize the windage of the boat.  The bow is facing south into the wind, with four lines on the port bow and four lines on the starboard bow.  Two of the bow lines are the anchor lines with a chain lead which are secured to the dock itself and to the mast in case of cleat failure.  Additional spring lines and stern lines are also placed.  All lines are protected with sections of hose to prevent chafe.  All the fenders are also secured to protect the hull from the pontoon fingers, and cleats.  We have the ditch bag ready in case the situation deteriorates, but we're planning on keeping an eye on Dalliance for now.  There is a supportive atmosphere on the dock mixed with an overall apprehension on all the crews, as everybody readies their boat for Gordon.

September 21, 2006:  As the morning progresses, it is getting progressively windier.  At 0715 LT the barometer continues its drop from 1022 mb a few days ago to 990 mb and winds are from 20-30 knots.  At 0815 the barometer reads 987 and maximum wind gust of 74 knots is recorded on the anemometer.  The storm luckily doesn't linger and by 1030 the barometer has risen to 998 and wind have decreased to 20 knots in the marina.  Two other boats registered gusts as high as 85 knots.  To everyone's relief no boats on the dock suffered any damage.

September 24, 2006: Depart Camarinas at 1430 Local Time and arrive across the bay in Mugia at 1500 LT where we anchor in the harbor among three of our Dutch cruising friends.

September 25, 2006:  0945 Depart Mugia and arrive in Muros in the Spanish Ria de Muros at 1800 where we anchored with Sepia, Hafskip, and Klef.

September 27, 2006:  1000 LT depart Muros and arrive in Villagarcia Marina.

September 29, 2006:  Depart Villagarcia at 1030 and anchor in the beautiful bay north of Isla de San Martin in the mountainous Islas Cies.  We are well protected from the gusty winds forecasted from the south and southwest.  Despite the gusty winds, our anchor holds well according to the GPS chart plotter.

October 1, 2006:  Depart Isla de San Martin 1245 LT and arrive in Bayona Marina 1545 LT.

October 3, 2006:  After filling our diesel tanks we leave at 1200 LT for Portugal and arrive in Viana Do Castelo 1720 UTC (Portugal is +1 hr, Spain is +2 hrs).

October 4, 2006:  Depart Viana Do Castelo, and arrive in Leixoes 1630 UTC.

October 5, 2006:  Boat maintenance day.  Replaced primary and secondary fuel filters, repaired exhaust flapper valve, repaired traveler, boat cleanout.

October 8, 2006:  0945LT Depart Leixoes in flat seas and 5 knots wind from SW.  We need to keep the diesel going to make any progress.  With the motor we travel at 5.5 knots throughout the night and arrive in Peniche 0830 LT under sunny skies.

October 12, 2006:  Depart from Leixoes for Cascais.  Finally we're sailing downwind again, and using the engine only to get in and out of the marinas.  It seems like it has been a while.

October 23, 2006:  We are still awaiting a weather window to sail to Madeira.  The large trough has been bringing one low pressure area after the next with frequent gales and rain.  Cascais and Lisbon are pretty nice, though.

November 5, 2006:  Depart Cascais 1420 hrs.  Took on 157 liters diesel prior to departure.  We are sailing with S/V Klef in 6 knots wind from the south heading to Porto Santo 20 nm NE of Madeira.  The forecast calls for relative light winds for the week clocking from the South to West to the East by the end of the week.

November 6, 2006:  We encounter a "thundery low" from 1800 hrs to 2300 hrs.  The squally showers are clearly visible on radar, and we are managing to avoid them by altering course and motoring with the sails down.

November 7, 2006:  The wind has changed to 10 knots from the NW. 

November 8, 2006:  1600 hrs. Caught a nice Mahi-Mahi fish on the squid jig trolled behind the boat.  As the galley remains well stocked with food, we have released the fish again.  We are slowly learning the tricks of catching fish while under sail.  2130:  Radio contact on the SSB with Margalliti from Holland whom we have met in Peniche.  They are 40 nm ahead of us and also sailing to Porto Santo.

November 9, 2006:  The wind remains out of the NE to E at approximately 5-10 knots.  As we are traveling to the SW, the low apparent wind and wave action is slamming the sails as they fill with wind and collapse again when the boat is rolled to windward by the waves.  Poling out the Yankee sail seems to settle the boat down again, sailing at 4 to 4.5 kts.  We are making slow but steady progress.

November 10, 2006:  0830 UTC.  Arrival in Porto Santo.  Klef calls us approximately 1 hour before arrival to let us know that they have reserved a dock space for us, alongside them and Margalliti.

November 17, 2006:  1115 hrs Depart Porto Santo after filling diesel and water tanks.  1800 hrs We are passing east of Islas Desertas, with dolphins playing in our bow wake, and distant whale spouts are visible in the sunset light.

November 19, 2006:  Arrival in Santa Cruz, La Palma marina.  A nice yacht club, but noisy due to the commercial container harbor and ferry dock with around the clock activity.

November 27, 2006:  Depart La Palma at 1100 hrs. for Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.  Our Navtex reports good weather, but also that 3 empty containers were lost from freighter Gala Del Mar at position N28-45 W 016-00 on 11/25/06 2300 hrs.  In light of the SW current and wind from NW veering to East, we alter our course to stay 10 nm North of the initial position.  We do not know where the containers are, but we do know where they are not.

November 28, 2006:  Safe arrival in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria at 1800 hrs.  We are greeted by our friends from Klef and Lena.

December 4, 2006:  Our rig gets a professional retuning before our crossing to the Caribbean.  The water and diesel tanks are topped off, and the fuel filters as well as oil and filters are changed.

December 5, 2006:  1715 hrs Depart Las Palmas for Barbados with 15-20 kts wind.

December 7, 2006:  N26-24, W017-32, SSB contact with the Non-Arc (NARC) radio net at 1100 hrs, S/V Destiny (N27-00, W26-20).  This will be a daily routine, where the ten boats in the fleet will remain in contact until arrival in the Caribbean.

December 8, 2006:  1230 hrs Called Commander Weather via Sat Phone for a weather update.  Their recommendation is to stay our current heading.  The high pressure is thought to be intensifying with increase in trade wind strength expected.

December 10, 2006:  We have been sailing under storm jib on the inner forestay only in winds 25-35 kts and large seas.  The boat is handling the conditions well, and fully self steered with the Monitor wind vane.  1230 hrs The forestay parted at the junction of the top swaged fitting and the cable.  The yankee has been fully rolled up on the roller furler, but is now suspended only by the halyard.  We have brought the three remaining halyards and the topping lift forward to the anchor roller and winched them tight to stabilize the mast.  We then lowered the rolled yankee, roller furler, and stay by the halyard, and secured it to the port toe rail.  We are 338nm north of Mindelo, Cape Verde which is within motoring range.  The storm jib is therefore also lowered to minimize any stress on the rig.

December 11, 2006:  The wind vane shear tube is broken, but easily replaced with a spare tube from the spare parts kit.

December 13, 2006:  1500 hrs UTC Arrival in Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cape Verde.

December 24, 2006:  The forestay has been repaired, and the roller furler is working well.  The wind vane shear tube has also been repaired by our friends at the machine shop.  We depart once again for Barbados at 1430 hrs. accompanied by Olivier and Amelie from Dragon Ball.

December 25, 2006:  2200 hrs A deep voice is heard over the VHF radio Chanel 16 Ho ho ho... Merry Christmas.  Pretty cool to hear at sea.

January 11, 2007:  1200 hrs LT, Arrival in Barbados.  Check in at deep harbor Bridgetown, and the anchor in Carlisle Bay next to Cinnabar.

January 17, 2007:  1430 LT Depart Barbados for Bequia with Cinnabar.

January 18, 2007:  1330 LT Arrival in Port Elizabeth, Bequia in the Grenadine Islands. 

February 6, 2007:  10:00 LT Depart Bequia with Buck and Gladys as guests.  13:15  Arrival in Britannia Bay, Mustique.

February 8, 2007:  0930 LT Depart Mustique.  1400  Arrive in Tobago Cays.

February 9, 2007:  1500 LT  Depart Tobago Cays to Mayreau (Salt Wistle Bay to Saline Bay)

February 10, 2007:  0900 Depart Saline Bay, Mayreau.  Arrive 1430 hrs Admiralty Bay Bequia.

February 15, 2007:  0630 hrs Depart Bequia.  1700  Arrive in St Lucia, Soufriere Bay at the base of Petit Piton.

February 18, 2007:  0930 hrs Depart Soufriere Bay.  1430  Arrive in Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia.

February 23, 2007:  1100 hrs Depart Rodney Bay.  1600 hrs Arrive in Le Marin, Martinique

February 24, 2007:  1000 hrs Depart Le Marin.  1100 hrs Arrive in St. Anne, Martinique.

February 27, 2007:  1000 hrs Depart St. Anne.  1430 hrs. Arrive Trois Islets, Martinique.

March 2, 2007:  0745 hrs  Depart Trois Islets.  Twenty to twenty-five knot winds between Martinique and Dominica.  Added a second reef in the main sail.  Boat speeds at 7.0 knots for 90 minutes.  During the late afternoon we saw a large pod of dolphins off the west coast of Dominica.  We have not seen them since a few individuals west of Barbados.                                                                                   2000 hrs. Arrive Portsmouth, Dominica.

March 6, 2007:  0900 hrs  Depart Portsmouth, Dominica.  1400 hrs Arrive in Anse du Bourg, Terre de Haut, Les Saintes, Guadeloupe.

March 8, 2007:  1030 hrs Depart Les Saintes.  1530 hrs  Arrive in Malendure, near Pidgeon Island where Cousteau National Park is located.

March 10, 2007:  1015 hrs Depart Malendure.  1230 hrs  Arrive in Anse Deshaies, Guadeloupe.

March 12, 2007:  0815 hrs  Depart Anse Deshaies.  1620 hrs Arrive in Falmouth Harbour Antigua

March 14, 2007:  Rig inspection by Antigua Rigging at the Cat Club Marina.

March 20, 2007:  0710 hrs Depart Antigua.  1700 hrs  Arrive in Charlestown, Nevis.

March 23, 2007:  1030 hrs Depart Nevis.  1630 hrs  Arrive in Oranjestad, St. Eustatius (Statia).

March 26, 2007:  0930 hrs  Depart Statia.  1400 hrs  Arrive in Ladder Bay, Saba

March 29, 2007:  1340 hrs Depart Saba.  1830 hrs  Arrive in Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten.

April 11, 2007:  1630 hrs  Depart Sint Maarten for Virgin Gorda.  The overnight crossing of the Sombrero Passage was marked by light easterly winds (10 kts, 2-3 foot seas), and required motor sailing to make any progress towards the British Virgin Islands.

April 12, 2007:  1100 hrs  Arrival at Bitter End Yacht Club, Virgin Gorda.

April 14, 2007:  0900 hrs  Depart BEYC for the Baths on Virgin Gorda, then to Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda.

April 15, 2007:  1300 hrs  Depart Spanish Town.  1600 hrs  Arrival in The Bight, Norman Island.

April 17, 2007:  0900 hrs  Depart Norman Island.  1100 hrs  Arrival on Cooper Island.

April 18, 2007:  Depart Cooper Island for Deadman Bay, Peter Island.

April 21, 2007:  Depart Peter Island for Sopers Hole, Tortola.

April 23, 2007:  0730 hrs  Depart Sopers Hole.  1530 hrs  Arrival in Christiansted, USVI.

May 1, 2007:  1100 hrs  Depart Christiansted.  1230 hrs  Arrival on Buck Island, USVI.

May 3, 2007:  0830 hrs  Depart Buck Island.  The 35 nm crossing north from St Croix to St John made for some great sailing with 15 knot winds on the port beam, Main, Yankee and Staysail pushing Dalliance at 6 to 7.5 knots.  1430 hrs  Arrival in Little Lameshur Bay, St John.

May 4, 2007:  Depart Little Lameshur Bay for Trunk Bay, St. John

May 5, 2007:  Depart Trunk Bay, to Whistling Cay, to Maho Bay, to Cinnamon Bay.

May 7, 2007:  Depart Cinnamon Bay, St. John arrived Honeymoon Bay, St. Thomas to Frenchtown CYOA mooring.

May 8, 2007:  Arrive Yacht Haven Grande, St. Thomas

May 10, 2007:  Depart Yacht Haven Grande, St. Thomas to Grand Turk Island, Turks and Caicos.

May 13, 2007:  Shut down engine and drifted for 4 hours to ensure daylight landfall in the morning at Grand Turk Island.  Wind SE 5-7 knots.

May 14, 2007:  Arrival Grand Turk Island, Turks and Caicos.

May 16, 2007:  Depart Grand Turk Island for Provenciales, Turks and Caicos

May 17, 2007:  Arrive Provo, Turks and Caicos

May 20, 2007:  Depart Provo at Sellar's Cut for San Salvador, Bahamas

May 22, 2007:  Arrive San Salvador Island, Bahamas

May 23, 2007:  Depart San Salvador Island, Bahamas to Nassau, Bahamas

May 25, 2007:  Arrive Nassau, Bahamas.

June 4, 2007:  Depart Nassau, Bahamas to Fort Pierce, Florida, USA

June 6, 2007:  Arrive Fort Pierce, Florida.  Dolphins escorted us in.

June 9, 2007:  Depart Fort Pierce, Florida to Charleston, South Carolina.  Soft grounding in junction of Faber Cove and ICW, good Samaritan pulled us off.  Repaired CPT Autopilot while underway.

June 10, 2007:  3-4.5 knots of Gulf Stream current.

June 11, 2007:  Arrive Charleston, South Carolina anchored off Town Marina.

June 16, 2007:  Depart Charleston, South Carolina for Beaufort, North Carolina.

June 18, 2007:  Arrive Beaufort, North Carolina, slip at Beaufort Docks.

June 21, 2007:  Depart Beaufort, North Carolina will travel along Intracoastal waterway to Norfolk, Virginia.  Added unlimited towing through Boat US.

June 21, 2007:  Anchored in Bonner Bay ICW mile marker 161.4

June 22, 2007:  Anchored in Whipping Creek ICW mile marker 100.

June 23, 2007:  Anchored in Buck's Creek ICW mile marker 60.

June 24, 2007:  Arrival in Norfolk, Virginia anchored off Hospital Point.

June 26, 2007:  Depart Norfolk, Virginia to New York City, New York.  Hundreds of Manta Rays in the water.

June 27, 2007:  Experienced severe thunderstorms, headed south for 1.5 hours to evade.

June 28, 2007:  Arrival in Atlantic Heights, New Jersey.  Picked up mooring at Atlantic Harbor Yacht Club to sit out thunderstorm during night.

June 29, 2007:  0900 hrs. Depart Atlantic Harbor Yacht Club, NJ to New York City, New York.  Arrive New York City, NY.  Picked up mooring at West 79th Street Boat Basin.

July 2, 2007:  0630 hrs. Depart New York City, NY to Long Island Sound, NY.  1700 hrs. Arrive at Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY anchored off town moorings.

July 3, 2007:  1045 hrs. Depart Port Jefferson.  2030 hrs Arrive on Fishers Island, NY

July 4, 2007:  1200 hrs. Depart Fishers Island.  1345 hrs. Arrive in New London, CT

July 6, 2007:  0715 hrs. Depart New London.  1230 hrs. Arrive on Block Island

July 7, 2007:  0900 hrs. Depart Block Island.  1500 hrs.  Arrive home at Quality Yacht Services, Tiverton